We established a green destination model with the Centre for Tourism Practices Based on Sustainable Energy (SENTRUM). Our purpose is to transform the designated destination, encourage sustainable tourism and support the local economic development. We launched the first SENTRUM in Küçükköy, Ayvalık.
We carried out green energy investments in Küçükköy and endeavoured for the tourism sector to generate less waste. We put our efforts for the empowerment of local people and support recruitment of women. As part of our partnership with Sabancı University, we provide sustainability training to children and young people.
Our Goals:
• Carry out energy efficiency practices in Küçükköy.
• Increase energy efficiency in the tourism industry.
• Increase recruitment of women and young people in the tourism industry.
• Provide sustainability training to children and young people.
• Encourage decreasing the amount of waste from the tourism industry.
• Raise awareness of local people and tourism businesses on energy efficiency and use of renewable energy resources.
• Support social, environmental and economic transformation in terms of sustainable tourism
• Develop a scalable and repeatable Sustainable Green Destination Model.

We are launching a green destination model, where renewable energy resources are used and energy is conserved. Accordingly;
• We conducted energy surveys for tourism-related businesses and public buildings in the region.
• We ensured transformation to energy-efficient equipment in tourism-related businesses.
• As part of Energy of My Business, we initiated works to build a solar energy system at Küçükköy Culture Centre and primary school.
• We encourage environmentally-friendly transportation systems and establish a green purchasing and supply chain management strategy in the region.
• While achieving all the these, we carry out these activities with a gender mainstreaming perspective and support women empowerment.
• We provide training to young people and children regarding sustainability and prepare them for a greener and fairer world.

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